Ella Vos – Dreaming, Backwards

There’s something so magical and charming about Ella Vos’ brand of uplifting indie pop, she manages to capture something that is so inherently inspiring and human within her music that allows us all to see a piece of ourselves in her music, it’s rather special. She’s an independent artist who’s manage to capture the hearts of music lovers across the globe and I’m sure they’ll all be excited today as she unveils a new single titled Dreaming, Backwards from her sophomore album Turbulence today.

Showcasing her feather light vocals over an upbeat electronic arrangement and breezy melodies gently floating throughout it’s hard not to listen to this track and have a big smile on your face as her personal heartfelt lyrics soar effortlessly above it all in such an enchanting way that it’s hard not to feel something from her sound. If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to her music yet I highly recommend you do now as she just has an incredible ability to evoke the full spectrum of human emotion in a way that is unrivalled by anyone else out there.

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