GRAE – 2725

We’ve spoken about how much we love GRAE multiple times now and, in all honesty, can you blame us? She’s one of the most consistent R&B flavoured alternative pop artists out there right now with her releasing countless spine tinglingly good tracks ever since her debut back in 2019 and she’s always maintained this fiercely mystique style in her music that has left us fascinated ever since. She continues her hot run of form today with the release of her latest compelling single titled 2725, an ode to online love.

The song is about internet love with it being inspired by GRAE meeting a love interest online who actually lived the other side of the country. You can feel that longing within the track with GRAE’s lovelorn vocal yearning to just embrace them, to be held in their arms and just to have that connection in person rather than through a screen, you feel it all through her voice and heartfelt lyrics. The production communicates this further with it having a melancholy style to it but having this tinge hope that one day these conversations of being next to each other will soon become a reality. We sincerely hope that will be the case for her.

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