THE BLOSSOM – Angel Fangs

THE BLOSSOM is one of the most interesting pop artists out there right now with their use of experimental synth beats, electronically shifted vocal melodies and candid lyrics making their sound utterly fascinating, easy to see why they’ve been hotly tipped by so many people within the industry. They’re at the forefront of the future pop movement whilst also knowing how to craft addictive pieces of music and today they’ve decided to expand her sonic experience with the raw track Angel Fangs.

“I wrote ‘Angel Fangs’ during an isolated quarantine, hanging off the side of my bed… I was feeling restless and hopeless… this song felt like an ache, something that was building up and lamenting,” THE BLOSSOM begins to explain. “I wanted to confront myself with an over-awareness that in its confrontational manner feels soothing and liberating… cause I guess I ended up writing a lot of lyrics that had been buried and burrowing underneath my skin for a while. So I chewed up my feelings and spat out something that we recorded in one take and left it at that. I didn’t use written lyrics, I just let whatever fall off of me.”

Unlike their previous releases this track is lead solely by a spaced out acoustic guitar melody, giving the track a high level of intimacy that makes their lyrics the focal point of the entire piece and, honestly, they’re some of her best yet. Through them they reflect on their own self destructive behaviour in such a vulnerable way that it’s unlike anything they’ve ever done before, it’s hard not to get emotionally attached to the track and feel the wave of emotion that they’re experiencing. This is something special.

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