Sody & Cavetown – Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored

You know those dream collaborations you always wish would happen but know in reality it’s just a fantasy that has about as much a chance of happening as me walking on the moon? Well I had one of those and by a sheer miracle it’s happened with the rising pop artist Sody and acclaimed musician Cavetown collaborating today on an emotionally enthralling pop number with tender lyricisms titled Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored that will have you reaching for the tissues in a matter of seconds.

The track is a rework of Sody’s previous single Bedroom Ceiling, turning it from a sad pop ballad detailing one side of the story to a masterful duet featuring the both sides of the story in a juxtaposing dynamic that is utterly mesmerising. Both of their vocals melt effortlessly into one another whilst their poetically poignant lyrics cause a wave of emotion to come cascading down onto you in such a way that it leaves you in a puddle of your own tears. This is how collaborations should be done.

These two artists are a match made in heaven and their sounds combine together in a harmoniously clash that is the definition of euphony.

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