AP The Plan – Rainbow After the Rain

Within their sound AP The Plan manage to combine the old school and new wave together in such a way that whenever one of their songs is played you get a warm sense of nostalgia whilst also experiencing something completely new and exciting. They’re already proven this in the past with their track Amyleigh that featured lo-fi production with sparse synths and tantalising melodies that had us hooked, now they’ve unveiled a new track as apart of their 8 Bit Garden release titled Rainbow After The Rain.

The airy production comprised of spaced out video game like synths and subtle beats has this emotional tinge to it that increases the intimacy of the piece, making the melancholy lyrics delivered through their melodic flow feel more personal than ever before. There is something they manager to capture within their music, it’s personal, it’s real, nothing ever feels forced and the stories they tell feel all the more real as a result. If you haven’t already dive into their sound, you won’t regret it!

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