The Ensemble #9

Redveil – Traffic

Although it’s only 1 minute and 28 seconds in length Traffic by Redveil makes a long lasting impact with the poetic lyricisms and poignant storytelling that repeatedly had me going back to the track to re-listen to make sure I got every single little nuanced moment that I may’ve missed. At just sixteen Redveil is finding new ways to continually impress us through his expressive and candid storytelling, impassioned rapping flow that brings those poetic lyrics to life and a somber production style that only amplifies all of this further. He’s a criminally underrated artist you need to dive into right now.

Rosie Shaw – Summer Doesn’t Feel The Same

I won’t like when I say that a capella tracks like this with electronically enhanced harmonies just have a natural way of captivating me. It’s the type of music you can play late at night with all the lights off, close your eyes, and slowly be transported away to somewhere brand new where the worries of the world around you just slowly melt away and you feel just complete bliss. Rosie Shaw manages to do all this and more with the tenderness and sheer enchanting beauty she offers in this latest track with my body being covered in goosebumps after one listen.

Jean9ierre – Heartbeat

You can say what you want about Soundcloud these days but that website is still one of the best music discovery sites around with incredible independent artists like Jean9ierre popping off and getting a large platform as a result to showcase their talent. Heartbeat is a prime example of why he’s blowing up on the site with it having a melancholy vibe with somber beats portraying great emotional depth as his lyrics begin to dive into his own story of love. It’s something that wouldn’t feel too a miss on a Post Malone record and could easily be a hit that would soundtrack people’s late night crying sessions over love gone wrong.

Nerika – Bachelor

I do love a good self empowering anthem and today we’ve got just that with the Jamaican artist Nerika who’s single Bachelor is a call to action for single women out there to be confident in themselves and their relationship status and not to succumb to the pressures of society to settle down as soon as humanly possible. It’s a powerful pop track with some slick hooks that will get stuck in your head ridiculously quickly, a dancehall rhythm that drives the track forward and addictive melodies that are hard not to bop your head a long to. Everything you could want in a good pop track.


There’s something about an acoustic guitar with electronics that is just so damn appealing, the combination of more raw instrumentals with precise synth melodies creates a unique juxtaposition that makes the sound so irresistible in my eyes. SONNY NITEZ nails that sound in his latest track with a latin flavour to his guitar melody leading the production and more pop orientated synths backing him up as his smooth R&B vocals soar over it all as they deliver his sincere lyrics out to the world. Highly recommend listening to his other track NO TOMORROW as well, it’s rather lush.

Bekah CC – Sigh

We didn’t really know much about the Massachusetts artist Bekah CC when we first heard her debut track earlier in 2020, all we knew was that there was hype building around her, clear to see why, and she’s only building that hype further with Sigh. A hard-hitting production with some haunting beats creating an ominous atmosphere that gets me fully invested in the sound as she recites her interesting lyricisms over it all. She’s one of those musicians who’s sound people are going to love or hate, but that’s exactly what we love about her sound, there’s some so weirdly compelling about it that we find ourselves consistently coming back for more.

Glaive – Pissed

Over the past year to two experimental pop, or future pop as it’s slowly beginning to be called, has been slowly been picking up traction with more artists expressing themselves through disjointed melodies, thumping electronics and warped vocals on top that, as I’ve said multiple times, is where I can see the pop world going next. Glaive seems to be one of the artists getting inspired by this new wave of music with Pissed being, quite frankly, a fantastic affair that manages to push the boundaries of where this genre is going and genuinely has me hyped about what Glaive is going to do in his next release.

Asoh Black! – Foolie

I hate those days when I stumble across an artist who’s been around for a few years, fall head over heels for their sound and just wish I could go back in time and discover them sooner so I could have their music in my life since they came out because I seriously don’t know how I managed without Asoh Black!’s music for so long. I’ve been listening to Foolie on repeat since I first heard it as it’s got such an undeniably good flow, a thumping production that I cannot get enough of and a generally stellar sound that I reckon I could listen to for months on end and never get tired of it.

Greta Jaime – Tv for Strangers

I’ve heard a lot of people mention Greta Jaime to me in the past but she’s someone I never got around to listening to, that was until I saw she dropped a new single titled TV for Strangers and soon I found myself becoming quite hypnotised by her sound. There’s a sense of drama in this track that is reminiscent of Florence Welch in a lot of ways with the grand crashing of the production with her vocal crescendoing to the highest of highs as her emotional begins to elevate further as well. I regret waiting so long to listen to her music so I’d recommend you dive into her discography ASAP.

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