Wes Reeve – I Don’t Know Anything

If you’re having a tough Friday and need something to give you a cathartic release then count yourselves lucky because we’ve got Wes Reeve who today has released a wonderfully airy and majestically quirky single that lands somewhere between Kate Bush and Fiona Apple. I Don’t Know Anything is everything we love about this LA based artist with her floating indie pop stylings having this natural ability to transport you away from the stresses of modern day life and into a fairytale world of pure bliss.

That’s actually what I love most about her music, there’s this stream of childlike consciousness in her music that gives them this sense of magical wonder and makes her music so utterly charming it’s hard not to love it. The best way to describe her sound is that it’s like a modern day fairytale, it’s beautifully mesmerising, offers a form of escapism, has an undeniable charm and makes everything around you feel all that more magical once you’re done reading one. Disappear into an enchanting world with her music today!

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