Bestfriend – Last Bus in the A.M.

I won’t lie that I am a sucker for music that carries a sense of nostalgia, be it through the memorable lyricisms, retro production or overall sound that has me yearning to go back to the days of my adolescence. It’s a difficult sound to get right, trying to balance the modern sound whilst giving a subtle nod to the past but the duo Bestfriend, who live on opposite sides of the same country, have made it seem as easy as breathing with their bedroom pop single made for late night drives Last Bus in the A.M.

The title of the track itself explains the concept but it’s the production of the track that brings it to life with the somber synths capturing the beauty of the early hours of the A.M beautifully. You close your eyes and you can see the dark nights style as the clock strikes 2AM as their lyrics painting a perfect picture of the scene unfolding around you until the very end where you get on that bus and drive off into the night. It’s a gorgeous affair that manages to capture the subtle beauties that come with the end of a night out, what’s not to love?

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