FLØRE – Tsunami

I’m gonna start by saying that FLØRE has one of the most beautifully ethereal vocals around right now with her enchanting tone sending chills down my spine on multiple occasions and her quirky nature only building on this mesmerising quality further. Today she’s announced this Autumn she’ll be releasing her debut EP SUPERBLOOM, which she collaborated with the Belgium musician NOVAA on, and dropped the first single off of the EP titled Tsunami, a track about losing someone without even realising it.

“It’s the coming home and realising there’s no home anymore. It is about losing someone right before your eyes. And it happens quietly, in the deceptive silence after a storm,” FLØRE explains the concept behind the track.

The track has this Florence + The Machine vibe to it with the mystical quality the production possesses mixed with the theatrical quality from the dramatic drums and cinematic quality of the track that makes the emotion rise to blistering levels before it comes cascading down on you. It’s a powerful single with some poetically beautiful lyrics that sends chills down my spine and is enthralling in every way possible.

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