wordsbyjuni – Enjoy It While U Can

As more people become invested in politics due to the internet and social media in general now making us more informed than we’ve ever been before, more people begin to use their platform to express their beliefs, resulting in hundred upon thousands of songs being released on these subject matters. It’s something that I’ve loved about the modern music scene, how vocal everyone is about the issues in their songs and the British singer songwriter wordsbyjuni has done just that in his latest single about climate change titled Enjoy It While U Can.

It’s a juxtaposing track with the production being very reminiscent of the Beach Boys classic surf pop sound with the hazy guitar riffs, warm inviting melodies and a sun-kissed percussion section on top of it, but then you’ve got the lyrics that portray a darker future that we will all soon experience. It’s a warning about what we will all soon be going through if we don’t make a change and the candid story that wordsbyjuni tells might just be a wake up call to many people listening to his music.

We don’t feel it’s right to post this song without a link to a charity so we highly encourage you to head over to https://www.theclimatecoalition.org/ and donate to the cause. They’re the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change so if this song has been a wake up call to you we highly suggest you donate.

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