Michi – Sugarbaby

Last year the R&B infused pop musician Michi came out with her slick debut Catch a Feeling, a track which ignited a romantic nostalgia in anybody who listened with the chorus of da da da’s being very reminiscent of Lovin’ You by Minnie Ripperton and left us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Since then she’s been on absolute fire, releasing a string of singles that have captured the imagination of her fans across the world and she’s continuing to build on that today with the release of her sweet ode to love in Sugarbaby.

“‘Sugarbaby’ is a sentimental ode to expressing love and admiration for that special someone,” Michi shares about the song. “While the task of creating during quarantine was not easy, the song for me was an escape into a colourful place, and the chance to express adoration of a lover in all their beauty and light.”

It’s the little nuances within this track that make this so enthralling, the chorus of people chatting in the background making it feel like you’re spotting your lover across the room in a cafe with the doo-wop inspired electric guitar melody only adding to this atmosphere she’s crafted. Her vocal is sublime with this yearning sentiment with the playful lyrics expanding on this further with, “I’ll give you that sugar baby, it don’t get no sweeter baby be patient,” being one of the best examples of this. A sickly sweet love song that will leave you with a wide smile on your face, dive into it below!

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