B.Miles – Worst Enemy

Back in 2015 the New York musician B.Miles exploded onto the scene with her EP Twenty Fifteen, it got critical acclaim from a lot of major outlets and the track Salt began getting a lot of airplay from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and KCRW to name a few. She released another EP in 2017 titled Running but since then has been very quiet, for three years we hadn’t heard a peep from her until she decided to drop mark her return as a true force in the alternative pop scene with the track Worst Enemy.

The track goes through the emotions, fears and anxieties that all musicians face. You work in the morning at your mundane job before leaving to go perform at sold out venues in the evening whilst your mind continually begins to question whether your dream will ever become a reality or whether the fear of settling will soon be forced to happen. It’s a scary experience that all musicians go through and she’s captured it perfectly in the song.

You can hear the internal struggle within the production through the grungy guitars and clashing production styles that create this cacophony of beauty, but here’s this subtle hopefulness that shines throughout the piece. Her passionate lyrics and vocal performance only enhance this track further to the point where you begin to feel the emotion take over you. This isn’t just any comeback, it’s a mission statement on what she wants to accomplish.

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