Lackhoney & Theo Kandel – Pronto

I love it when two grits from two completely different genres come together to collaborate and create a dynamic single that shows off both of their talents in the best ways imaginable. Lackhoney is a hip hop artist from Miami and Theo Kandel is a post-pop artist from New York City but is now based in Nashville, put them together and you’ve got a genre bending track titled Pronto that you’ll be playing on release for weeks on end.

Throughout the track Lackhoney shows off his incredible flow as well as his strong lyrical prowess that only gets stronger as the track goes on whilst Theo Kandel comes out with his evocative vocal that makes an instant emotional connection combined with a subtle electronic flair that is just the cherry on top of this whole single. Everything in this track is expertly done, each note, each lyric, each vocal riff, they’re all placed perfectly and allows both artists to shine as they work together as a result. Take notes, this is what a collaboration is meant to be!

Must Read