McCall – One Eye Open

Every time I see a new McCall track out I know that I’m going to have an emotional crying session where I’ll be hugging my box of tissues like a long lost friend whilst tears continually cascade down my face, honestly I’m not complaining about it. She’s not afraid to be unapologetically emotional in her music with her lyrics being pure poetry holding such beauty in them that every word uttered hitting you like the final blow in a prize winning fight, it’s that powerful.

Today she’s unveiled her latest unabashedly emotional piece One Eye Open and, as expected, it’s simply spellbinding. The intimate production comprised of mesmerising electronics creating a tender atmosphere which allows McCall’s celestial vocal to soar mixed with subtle folk influences that keeps the track grounded, making its story feel all the more raw and real. It’s a captivating single that’s perfect for soundtracking your late night crying sessions and with her EP On Self Loathing coming out later this year, I’m sure we’ll be in for even more mesmerising music from her.

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