Noah Davis – Tea

As of late Noah Davis has been on a hot run of singles with Lie To Me being one of the strongest power ballads of the year that could honestly give Sam Smith a run for his money as one of the strongest male belters around in the charts and his follow up So High only expanding his compelling sonic universe further. Now he’s unveiled another banger with Tea and, as you might’ve guess, it’s about spilling the tea and ignoring the negativity of people around you and just loving yourself for who you are.

It’s another one to add to his ever growing collection of pop tracks that could easily slip into the top 40 on any chart and I don’t think anyone would complain about it. He knows how to craft a melody because I’ve been singing the hook ever since this came out, he doesn’t go overboard with the production either like a lot of other pop artists, no instead he keeps it level which gives his outstanding vocal a chance to really shine and the lyrics the opportunity to make a connection with you. He’s a bold individual with a cracking sound.

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