Mighty Brother – The Rabbit / The Owl

Monday, May 16, 2022

A dual album release is something I’ve never really seen done well before which is why The Rabbit and The Owl from the New Orleans based band Mighty Brother caught my interest. Their sound can best be described as the Avett Brothers meets The Head and The Heart with them possessing this classic country feel mixed with this feel good alternative edge that just takes their music to the next level as well as a subtle melancholy beauty that comes from their lyrics.

Now both these albums are strong in their own right but it’s when you play them back to back that this whole piece really begins to take flight. The Rabbit has a more optimistic take on their sound with the project being filled with happy-go-lucky pieces of music that were made for the summer with Icarus sounding like something straight out of a hit summer movie. However The Owl focusses on more of a solemn sound that’s kind of reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, especially in White Bone Dry, with their gang vocal harmonies and somber lyrics, a stark contrast to the previous album.

Each album works depending on your mood but when you play them back to back you notice the high level of detail that’s gone into these projects. It’s like a coin, there’s two sides to it but they’re both connected to one another and wouldn’t work without their other side. Genuinely some highly compelling and interesting stuff from this band.

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