Poignantly posed lyrics with an emotionally evocative delivery and a powerful sense of storytelling are what set BERWYN apart from other artists in East London right now. He evokes such a strong sense of emotion in his music that makes the lyrics hit hard like the final blow of a prize winning fight and his expressive delivery only enhances this further. He’s already demonstrated this single GLORY which is one of the best solo debuts out there right now and today he’s dropped a contender for song of the year in TRAP PHONE.

It’s a love song that wouldn’t feel too out of place in a Frank Ocean record with his delicate somber vocal and poetic storytelling that sees BERWYN be at his most vulnerable as he sings about a friend who was a victim of knife violence. When this moment appears in the video you stop what you’re doing as he does an acapella rendition of the single where the intimacy is heightened to new levels where it feels like BERWYN is sitting in your living room telling you his story, laying his heart on the line for you and it’s exactly this that makes him one of the most mesmerising talents coming out of London right now.

Genuinely if you haven’t listened to BERWYN’s music before then dive into his back catalogue where you’ll be introduced to an artist who’s going to set the scene alight and break new boundaries.

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