billy blond – Day Drinking

Margate newcomer billy blond has always been known for his expressive brand of storytelling as his lyrics continually paint a vivid picture in your head, whether it uplifting romantic tales or, like today, darker portraits of what heartbreak and loneliness can do to a person. Hot off the back of his tropical summer anthem MIAMI, his latest single Day Drinking sees him put his heart on his sleeve in a raw and candid way.

“I was in a very dark place, drinking all day on the beach cause I was in love with someone who wasn’t around anymore. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone,” billy blond explains to us.

The darker tone of the tracks comes across in the melancholy atmosphere of the production featuring brooding synth beats and somber melodies that is only built upon further by blond’s evocative vocal performance that captures the haunting nature of the subject matter perfectly. Then you have the lyrics which set the scene and make you understand what he is going through in matter of seconds with, “I take off my Hawaiian shirt, wear a stranger for the hurt. If I could only drown out my memory, I’ll down another double to help me,” being the perfect example of this. Outstanding once again for this mesmerisingly talented artist.

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