Madge – Ethanol (Multiverse, Vol II)

Thursday, July 7, 2022

We previously mentioned how Madge is one of those artists who will always come out all guns a blazing with every single track she creates. She has this innate ability to make music that is so incredibly expressive, filled with raw passion and pushes what pop can be to new territories that no one has gone to before, so imagine our excitement when we woke up today to this Pussy Riot collaborator’s latest EP.

Ethanol (Multiverse, Vol II) is innovative track after innovative track, not one single song on this whole EP is the same as the last, they all have their own unique characteristics whilst still having that signature Madge twist to them. She’s an example of what this new generation of pop stars are doing, they’re pushing the envelope and being as expressive and artistic as they want within their music to create things that I still struggle to wrap my head around.

The whole EP can be summed up as what if Grimes and Rina Sawayama has a baby and 100 Gecs was their idol. You’ve got heavy 00’s emo rock guitars and fusing it with an avant-garde influence production in H8R, you’ve got bombastic beats and ferocious disjointed rhythms in Ethanol and you’ve got somber yet somehow still explosive house pieces like Cry a Lil. Overall if you haven’t heard of Madge already then dive into the EP and see how the world looks through her creative lens, you’ll be in for a treat.

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