Ethan P. Flynn – Everybody’s Dying To Meet You


Ethan P. Flynn has already collaborated with a wide range of extremely talented musicians like FKA Twigs and Celeste to name just two but now he’s stepping into the spotlight as he unveils his debut single to the world. Everybody’s Dying To Meet You isn’t just any track though, it’s a statement of intent that masterfully demonstrates how a strong a representative he is for London’s emerging scene with his music having this special quality to it that has us becoming infatuated with his sound.

The lo-fi quality of the production has a distinct charm to it that helps carry these warm inviting melodies throughout the piece that lure you in with their carefree ways and lull you into a joyous world where all the worries of the world just seem to melt away in an instant. It’s one of those songs you’ll remember listening to for the first time for the rest of your life and are able to relive over and over again as every time you listen to this track you’ll catch something new that’ll make the whole piece seem entirely new. Ethan P. Flynn is a special talent, there’s no denying that.

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