Eden XO – American Youth French Kissing

Ever since her debut Too Cool To Dance the pop icon in the making Eden XO has been making classic 90’s feel good pop music that could easily fit into any Spice Girls album. She produces nothing but straight bops that you’ll soon find yourself knowing word for word and belting out in your bedroom with your hairbrush in hand performing to that imaginary crowd. She oozes pop brilliance and her latest indoor summer anthem American Youth French Kissing demonstrates all of that perfectly.

It’s a scintillating affair with shimmering synths that give off summer vibes instantly, warm melodies that are so inviting that they just draw you into her sound and her buoyant pop vocal that will just put a smile on your face in a matter of seconds. She’s been slowly evolving her sound over the years and with every release she grows closer and closer to becoming that future pop icon that we know she is destined to be. Eden XO is everything pop music should be, seriously what’s not to love?

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