The Dawn of MAY – Zenith


The New York based musician The Dawn of MAY (FKA MAY) is one of those generational talents who’s music has a timeless feel to it with her passionate vocal performance, evocative lyrics and mesmerising atmosphere all leaving me completely in awe of her talent. She’s one of those artists who you can see writing a future James Bond song with her brassy tone a classic film noir style to her music, just look at her latest emotional ballad Zenith as a prime example of this.

A somber piano melody leads the production until the near end of this track where you get a cacophony of utter beauty appear through the clashing operatic choirs and string sections that create something that gives you this celestial feeling that sends shivers up my spine. However the star of the show is her vocal, every note she sings you believe, she makes the lyrics feel raw and real unlike any other artist around right now. A true talent.

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