ÊMIA – Selfish

We’ve spoken about ÊMIA multiple times on this site, consistently praising her well phrased pop music that contains an emotional punch whilst still having that innate ability of getting these addictive hooks stuck in our heads so deep that we often require brain surgery to remove them. She’s one of those underrated gems who manages to continuously produce top quality pop anthems that you’ll want to belt out on long car rides to work and we highly recommend starting off with her latest single Selfish.

“Selfish is the empowerment anthem I wrote for myself,” ÊMIA begins to explain. “It’s about taking every judgement I’ve been afraid of hearing and embracing it. Last year, I was single for the first time in 5 years and I was still hyper-sensitive to my ex’s opinions. I was careful with social media and casual dating. I thought I deserved to feel guilty for trying to move on. To combat that headspace, I wrote the song I wished I was strong enough to sing.”

ÊMIA puts her heart on her sleeve through the candid lyrical performance that displays a high amount of honesty whilst her expressive vocal paints the picture in your mind about the story of the track with every note only adding another brush stroke to the masterpiece before you. I don’t know why I’m surprised at this point, ÊMIA brings it to us every single time and I have no doubt her album Zero will be a stellar project.

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