CUTTS – All My Life

The alternative pop duo CUTTS are known for producing emotive pieces of alternative pop music that fuses together with dark and soulful melodies that strikes a unique balance within their sonic soundscape that feels so incredibly comforting whilst listening to. Almost like an old friend wrapping their arms around you and embracing you in a warm hug. It’s a genuinely beautiful sound and their latest single All My Life is their crowning achievement.

“This song is intended for my sister on her wedding day,” Lillian, the vocalist, begins to explain. “To me, it represents the peace you feel in finding someone who you can fully love. Like many other things, her wedding won’t happen this year. In what has been one of the darkest times we have seen, I hope this can be a light to her and anyone else who is missing a little peace.”

As this piece goes on I genuinely want this played at my wedding, the utter devotion you feel for one another in that moment as you say your vows is felt through every tenderly placed lyric and celestial note Lillian delivers. It’s truly mesmerising and continually sends shivers down my spine in a way I never thought a wedding song could and I won’t be surprised if in the future this ends up being some lucky couples first dance. Bravo to CUTTS because they have truly hit it out of the park with this one.

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