Glassio – One Of These Days

The Queens, NY-based new wave/dream-pop act Glassio has often described his music as melancholy-disco with the intricately crafted melodies taking influence from the big pop giants whilst fusing it with a more subdued production, creating something you can dance and cry along with, it’s a two for one deal! Today he pulls from his own heartbreak whilst wrestling with his own self acceptance in his latest single One Of These Days.

“I wanted to write a song that could help people who have felt bullied or silenced,” He begins to explain. “Something that could serve as a hopeful, dance-y and optimistic song about feeling accepted whilst getting their message across. Like most of us, I’ve had the misfortune of knowing some pretty awful people in my life. This song is about all of them and me wanting to break away and fully accept myself for who I am.

The production has this classic 70’s feel to it with a subtle modern house rhythm to it that drives the track forward in a breezy electronic pop tinged way, it’s kind of like someone got The Gorillaz during their Melancholy Hill days and combined it with Paul McCartney during the hey-days of his solo career. It’s a scintillating affair that manages to discuss a serious subject matter with pure ease whilst simultaneously remaining optimistic, a gorgeous piece of music in every way possible.

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