Temptress – Baby Blue

Fusing dark pop with the sultry elements of R&B has been a genre combination that’s been on the rise over the past few months and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying listening to musicians come through with their own take on this genre fusion. The London duo Temptress are one of those artists who’ve come through and made this sound entirely their own with the fusion of subtle hip hop beats as well as this emotive narrative displayed through their lyrics which only enhances their compelling sound further, as shown in their latest single Baby Blue.

“‘Baby Blue’ is about acknowledging your sadness, after suffering from anxiety for so many years,” they explain. “This is a way of opening up about the struggles I’ve had and reflecting on my past that lead me to where I am now. It’s about saying I need help and I’m ready to move forward, its okay to be sad and how talking openly can help you come to terms with those thoughts and feelings.

Vocally this is a stunning affair, the two vocals melt beautifully into one another, kind of reminiscent of Oh Wonder in a way, but their lo-fi production is the star of the show with it carrying this certain level of charm that makes the whole piece feel all the more authentic. It’s a gripping listen that will get you invested in their music and have you falling head over heels in love for their compelling sound. Dive into it below!

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