Bendrix Littleton – Deep Dark South


As I begin listening to Bendrix Littleton’s debut single I slowly realise that I am witnessing something rather special and that I need to fully take in this moment. Genuinely this is one of those songs that’s best taken in with no other visual stimuli around you, pull your curtains close, turn off the lights, play Deep Dark South and let it transport you away from the world we’re currently living in and experience the chills running up your spine.

I’m not sure what I’d label this genre, it’s part folk, part country, part indie and part bedroom pop, a unique mash-up that has left me really just begging for more. There’s an ethereal beauty to this piece that’s made up of the mystical production featuring a tender guitar melody, atmospheric synths and a brooding bass that all come together to give you a euphonic experience. Combine all that with the intimately placed vocal that makes the poetic lyrics come to life and you’ve got a truly mesmerising debut.

Must Read