James Vickery & Sinead Harnett – Pressure Pt II

A James Vickery and Sinead Harnett track? It’s like someones been looking in my book of dream collaborations and decided today was going to be a great day. Honestly I’ve been wanting these two to actually collaborate for a while as both their vocals have gorgeous tones that I felt would melt beautifully into one another and in the track Pressure Pt II we get to see that come to fruition in a glorious style that will leave you speechless.

The track is coming from The Reworks project which gives fans a new take on the tracks from his Overture EP, James gives us this insight: “I wanted to do something different instead of just putting out typical remixes for Overture. I’m a singer through and through, so I wanted to showcase some extraordinary singers that I know and love. With each song I’ve tried to do something completely different and original, be it continuing the story from the original song, or singing in another language.”

This piece is a perfect introduction to this new project with it demonstrating how adding one new vocalist and change the whole dynamic of a track to a point where you’re left thinking it’s a brand new piece. It is a rich single that has me hooked from start to finish with the soulful tones of his vocal and slick vocal of Sinead Harnett working in complete harmony with one another. Lush stuff to say the very least.

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