ADMT – Good For You

If you’re a fan of classic British Pop with a modern twist then the North England resident ADMT is someone who you’re going to want to dive head first into. He produces quintessential Brit Pop at its finest with it being like Lily Allen mixed with a bit of R&B flair that is reminiscent of Craig David, his latest single Good For You is unforgivably addictive with the hook wiggling its way into your head to the point where you’ll be singing it under your breath for weeks to come.

“Good for you is about not rushing into something and enjoying the moment, not worrying about the future, not putting pressure on yourself and just enjoying something for what it is on in that moment,” ADMT explains. “I think we sometimes rush so much we miss the beauty of things in the now.”

The lyrics focus on staying in the moment, not paying attention to how you’ll remember it or worrying about the future you might experience, it’s solely about the joy you feel in this moment. R&B beats are featured throughout the track give this a subtle flair that makes the groove utterly infectious before the killer pop melodies come into play that will have you fully invested in this track. It’s modern brit pop with a unique dynamic that is absolutely sublime.

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