Emmrose – The Grass Was Greener

If you’re a Lana Del Rey fan and you’re sitting around desperately waiting for a new album and just want to sink your teeth into some stellar music that has the ability to transport you away to a whole new world with just an enchanting vocal and nostalgic sound then Emmrose is the artist for you. The 16 year old, yes your read that right, has a timeless sound to her music that feels like it could’ve come straight out of Woodstock and the mystical air her music has around it only helps add to this further.

Today she’s come out with a new single titled The Grass Was Greener which focuses on looking back in hindsight at an old love, the joyous moments you spent together as well as things you would’ve changed. It’s actually quite a serious subject matter when you look into it with subtle lyrics hinting at drug addiction and abuse being involved in this relationship, which explains why it ended. Her ethereal vocal provides a great juxtaposition to this as it delicately floats over tender yet dramatic production to create a unique dynamic that has us on the edge of our seat from start to finish.

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