Freddie Long – These Darker Days

One of the main things the British songwriter Freddie Long is known for is his personal songwriting with his tracks previously dealing with raw subject matter that effected him, his previous release Fade was prime example of this with it focusing on his battle with anxiety. Today he’s released his sophomore EP These Darker Days and the title track is his most deeply personal to date with it chronicling, in his words, “the moment you’re down and fighting the negative thoughts, vices and dangerous temptations.”

The gravely tone of Long’s vocal gives this track an emotional edge that has such raw intensity that makes the candid lyrics come to life and emotion hit you with the force of a freight train. Production wise it’s a nice contrast with the a more pop influenced styling creating a unique dynamic with the gravel of his vocal whilst also heightening the emotional impact the track delivers throughout. Fuse that together with the sonic juggernaut that is the angst here and you’ve got a track that makes me want to dive head first into that EP right this second.

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