Seeyousoon – Shut Up


The Florida 9 piece band Seeyousoon are one of the most exciting acts coming out of the sunshine state right now with their razor sharp brand of hip hop and the dynamic nature of their music managing to captivate fans and tastemakers alike on a global scale. They had a stand out moment with their previously release Blue Chord which was, without a doubt, one of the best tracks of 2020 and now they’re keeping that momentum going with another fiery and impassioned single called Shut Up.

It’s hip hop but with a punk edge in the production with a killer flow to the rapping, slick lyrics with a hook that gets in your head, a pulsating production that reverberates through your body and rebellious feel that is just the cherry on top. Genuinely there isn’t an artist who is doing what Seeyousoon are doing right now, no one can replicate the unique sound they’re able to craft and with every release I find myself questioning what this 9 piece aren’t capable of doing in music.

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