Dawn Coulshed – Fall Back

With current pandemic going on it’s hard for us all to physically be there for people we love when we know they’re going through a hard time. We can call, text and FaceTime but the simplest form of human touch is worth so much more than that and that’s what the British songstress Dawn Coulshed is expressing within her latest single Fall Back, even though we’re not there physically we want them to know that it is okay to not be okay.

The track is truly angelic, which makes sense considering it was recorded in a church, with the celestial tones of Coulshed’s enchanting vocal piercing through the minimalistic production creating a emotionally evocative atmosphere that continually sends shivers down my spine. It sends you into an entranced state where the lyrics transport you back to moments you experienced where people were there around you helping you, how those dark moments ended up having light at the end. An awe-inspiring track that leaves me speechless.

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