Tash Sultana – Greed

When people often experience success the people whom they used to know, acquaintances they’ve meet or even old school friends whom they’ve not seen for years will suddenly come out of the woodwork and try to become apart of your life. It’s sad in a way but it’s that subject which inspired Tash Sultana in her latest singled titled Greed and the title pretty much explains what all those people are being in this situation.

“This song is about how people change around you when you achieve some sort of success,” explains Tash. “People you’ve never had anything to do with try and climb into your life somehow, people you’ve known for ages suddenly go silent. People who never paid you for a gig suddenly want to book you. That person from high school that gave you shit for playing the guitar suddenly wants on the guest list. It’s a funny little thing all of this and what it does to people.”

The lyric, “They only give a shit the you make it big,” is the key hook of the track and an extremely accurate statement, so many artists will struggle for years and then the second they get a bit of success all of a sudden everyone around them who never went to a gig or showed support always knew. Whilst the subject matter is more sombre there’s this uplifting quality to the production which creates this dynamic juxtaposition demonstrating the joy of this success as well as the downside of it all. The cherry on top as always is Tash’s effortlessly gorgeous vocal as it soars across the airy production. She never disappoints and always excels, that’s the Tash Sultana way.

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