Ellie Moon – Kylie Jenner

If you’re a fan of Brit Pop singers like Lily Allen and Kate Nash then you’re going to listen to Ellie Moon who’s infectious style of modern pop is joy packed up into a three minute song that you’ll struggle to get out of your head. She’s quintessential British pop music at its finest with her razor sharp humour being prevalent throughout all her songs but there is something about her latest release Kylie Jenner that is so on the nose about the social media era that makes it kind of hard not to love it.

“This song was inspired by the dynamics, differences and social (media) pressures of groups of friends,” explains Ellie. “In particular there is that one friend who always brings the mood down with drama and being generally (but consistently) annoying i.e., takes FOREVER to get ready, films and photographs literally everything for Instagram, gets way too drunk, cries, vomits and then gets you kicked out of wherever you were. If you don’t know who this friend is – then it’s probably you (sorry)

It shows a high level of wit to her unique songwriting that she’s able to effortlessly tackle the craze behind faking your social media presence in a humorous and accessible way. The song structure is reminiscent of some of The Beatles classic pop tunes whilst the production contains an alluring charm to them that makes her music nearly impossible to not smile along to and soon with those infectious melodies you’ll find yourself involuntarily nodding your head along without a care in the world. Quintessential British pop and if you enjoy it I’d highly recommend checking out her debut EP MOONiSMS which is out today as well.

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