Angus1 – You’re An Enabler

I’ll be honest when I say I hadn’t heard of the hotly tipped Australian producer and songwriter Angus1 until his most recent release today, but after diving into his discography I think it’s safe to say that I’ve got a new musical addiction. There’s this subtle beauty to his music with his looping beats and spaced out production style that gives his sound a warm inviting feel, almost like you’re rekindling an old friendship you long since forgot you had.

You’re An Enabler is his latest offering to the world and it continues the to show off this understated beauty with tender guitar melodies, sombre beats and lush vocal to top it all off. The meaning of the track focuses on the double edged sword that is unconditional love, on the one hand receiving that love gives you a euphoric feeling unlike any other but on the other hand it often consumes peoples lives with the consistent pursuit of ‘the one’ that might be years away. The artist himself says it best, “I like to think of the song as a sweet dessert that leaves you feeling a bit sick by the time you finish it.”

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