Alexina – Where Are All The Boys

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Scotland has some of the best talent upcoming pop talent around right now and if you need any further proof of this then here is Alexina, a future pop icon in the making. There’s a wild spirit to her music that just can’t be tamed as well as the innovative ideas she has. However that’s not only within her music as today to mark the release of her latest single Where Are All The Boys, which chronicles her frustrated love life, she’ll be refunding the worst date story date story told, we’re not kidding. So head off to and tell your story now.

“I think most of us have been there with terrible dates,” Alexina begins to explain the origins of the track. “I had a string of really bad ones last year and after the umpteenth date (where the guy insinuated that because he’d paid for an expensive dinner I should really take him up on his offer for a second date) I got in the bath, fed up, and wrote Where Are All The Boys.”

Throughout the track it’s the lyrics are a highlight with them calling out for genuine men whilst simultaneously making fun of the presumptive expectations of women on dates as is shown in the chorus, “You said what about a second date / I said no thank you babe / I spent a hundred quid tonight and it’s been really nice / No thank you babe.” Then you’ve got the bombastic production of the track that sees euphoria inducing synth melodies highlight the impassioned vocal performance of Alexina, resulting in the track being a euphonic experience. This is a modern feminist pop anthem that I’ll be belting out for weeks, probably months, to come.

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