Reece – BOY, DON’T CRY

The Virginia native Reece is know for the personal nature around his music with each of his singles focusing on different issues that have affected him, but today he’s released his most deeply personal track to date in BOY, DON’T CRY, his first song acknowledging his sexuality whilst detailing an ex boyfriend who made him feel insignificant which he explains in further detail below:

This is my first song explicitly discussing my sexuality, and while terrifying, it’s something I felt I had to do,” Reece begins. “‘BOY, DON’T CRY’ is about moving on from an ex who made you feel small, which transcends orientation. I tried to make a song I wish I’d heard growing up. With so many Black lives still being taken in this country, I wanted to honor our moral obligation of support with actions in my life, and my music. ALL Black lives matter – including LGBTQ+ Black lives. Since June is Pride month, I wanted to support a charity benefiting both groups at once. I will donate my earnings on this song to The Center Of Black Equity – a charity founded in D.C. to help Black members of the LGBTQ+ community thrive in this world.”

Reece playing on the phrase boys don’t cry is one of my favourite parts of this single as he’s managed to tailor it to his own experience, although he’s always been known for his cleverly phrased lyricisms so his smart wordplay here should come as no surprise. His poetic sensibilities come out in full force too with his passionate and hypnotic vocal performance that makes the evocative lyrics come life and hit you with the force of the final blow in a prize winning fight. His music is pure poetry and he is a talent that surpasses generations. Absolutely outstanding.

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