Brevin Kim – i need water / he doesn’t love her

When I talk about the future of music it’s duo’s like the Boston based Brevin Kim that get me excited about what’s to come with their genre defying music being able to capture astounding elements from both the past and present areas of the music industry. Their experimental and abrasive sound takes a hold of your from the first note before pulling you in until you become completely enthralled by the music and end up having them on repeat for weeks (in my case months) to come.

Today they’ve unleashed two new songs into the world, the hard hitting I Need Water and the more emotionally tender He Doesn’t Love Her. Both are incredibly different but capture the cacophony of unadulterated beautiful madness that is their sound. When people talk about acts making ground breaking pieces of music, these guys are a prime example of this with each of these tracks being sheer brilliance and the meanings behind them only add to that as they both explain below:

“‘i need water’ was kind of like a brain dump where I just let out exactly what I was feeling in that moment.” says Cal of the duo. “It’s basically a metaphor for needing to rid my mind of negative thoughts. Water is the cure. Sometimes, I’ll randomly be reminded of the fact that I’m going to die one day, we all are, it’s inevitable, and that gives me this weird crippling stress that lasts for like 40 seconds, and it burns. This is about being all over the place, mentally, wondering if we actually matter, and searching for a way to delete those thoughts.”

On the second track Bren of the duo explains, “the track is about the polarisation of a relationship. It’s the embodiment of ‘you don’t know what you got til it’s gone.’ One day you could be head over heels for someone and the next you want nothing to do with them. Moods can change in minutes. Feelings don’t always stay the same. It’s the scary reality that love isn’t always equal. I believe some of the best songs write themselves in a way and this one just oozed out of me.”

If you’re looking for an act to get invested in then look no further because their back catalogue is filled with music that will have you falling head over heels for them. Dive in below.

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