COTIS – Where U At

Canadian musician COTIS is one of those artists who is just waiting for that one big breakout song to push his music into the stratosphere. He’s already crafted tracks that are ready made hits like Drive that I can easily see being played at pre-drinks and his previous release Girls From The North wouldn’t feel too out of place on a Post Malone record. He’s the definition of an underrated talent and he’s continually managed to impress us over the years with the talent he’s put on display.

Today he’s unveiled his latest release Where U At and, as expected, it’s another banger to add to his ever growing collection. Scintillating synths make up the majority of the production with lush melancholy melodies pulsating through your body as his lovelorn vocals float effortlessly above it all. It’s emotional, it’s tender, it’s everything I’ve come to expect and love from COTIS and I have no doubt he’s going to continue to hit it out of the park with all his future releases.

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