The Ensemble #4

Welcome back to another edition to The Ensemble series where today we’ll be looking at some stellar female artist who we cannot get enough of and have been playing on repeat. There’s some amazing songs this week.

Elenoir – Wrong Party

If you’re a fan of Billie Eilish’s mould breaking brand of alternative pop then the songstress Elenoir is an artist you’re going to want to dive into. Her latest single Wrong Party contains these pulsating beats that reverberate through your body as you get invited into her surreal and oneiric world where the artistic tones of her music create a masterpiece before your very eyes. Her isolated vocals cut through the alternative trap influenced production with the subdued beats creating a murky atmosphere reminiscent of late night clubs that allows the softer angelic tones of her vocal to pierce through creating a lush dynamic that has us begging for more.

Jahla – Petra

LA based musician Jahla has this alluring quality to her music that keeps you enthralled from start to finish on any track she releases. Petra is a prime example of what I mean here with the rich tones of her vocal soaring over the deep production melodies that gives me goosebumps the more I listen to it. However the lyrical storytelling is the highlight of the piece with them detailing an unconditional love that transcends lifetimes as she explains, “It’s about remembering and loving all the different avatars your soulmates have taken throughout “time”. Petra is about meeting someone that feels like home and triggers you in deeper awakening. It’s about that spark you feel when you’ve only known someone for only 5 minutes but they totally get you.”

Ncognita – Hallucinogen (Trippin’)

We only stumbled across Ncognita recently but damn she is one of the best upcoming rappers around right now. Her debut single Clap Clap is the definition of a seismic introduction with the flow, lyrics, beats, pretty much everything being utterly outstanding and being unlike anything else out there right now. Her follow up Hallucinogen (Trippin’) has only built on this further as she continues to push boundaries within her genre, be it through her slick flow, hard-hitting beats and lyrical prowess being second to none. She doesn’t just step outside of the box, she destroys the box, she gets rid of all creative boundaries and creates music that grabs you and refuses to let go. Future icon in the making.

ÊMIA – Behind The Scenes

If you’ve followed this blog for a while then you’ll already know the emotive pop artist ÊMIA because we’ve featured her music multiple times on this site. What we love about her sound is her ability to capture the emotion of a situation and translate it effortlessly through her poignant lyrical display, expert production knowledge and cascading vocals that make every word feel like a dagger going through your heart. Behind The Scenes focuses on ÊMIA being lead on by someone before soon realising that they were using her all along, an experience many people can relate to, but it’s the intimacy of this track with the melancholy piano melody leading the production that makes this feel all the more real and beautiful. Gorgeous piece.

Berg – Where Will We Be

From dark places a shining light can often come piercing through to give us hope and that’s what the Swedish musician Berg felt as she wrote her latest single. She was going through a rough period in her mental health and writing Where Will We Be became her cathartic experience and she wants this song to help people going through the same issues to lift their spirits and help them see the brighter side of it all. The melodies offer a melancholy look on the issue she is facing whilst the chorus reflects the optimism that can come from knowing what the future could entail for you as her celestial vocal soars over the delicate production and delivers the lyrics that help to inspire and heal.

Clare Maguire – Tokyo With You

I won’t deny that watching Clare Maguire’s sound develop over the past few years has been a real treat to behold. She’s always been true to herself and produced some truly enthralling pieces of music, I still regularly visit her track This Is Not The End, and she recently released the Isolation EP 2020 that was filled with them but Tokyo With You was just something else. The sparse production featuring only a sombre guitar melody as the delicate tones of Maguire’s vocals melt into it to create and intimately poignant atmosphere that is a spectacle to behold. Elegant, simple and it sends shivers down my spine after every listen.

MAY-A – Green

Happily stumbled across MAY-A’s music recently and ever since then I’ve dived down the rabbit hole of her sound and found myself not wanting to climb out. The 18 year old from Byron, Sydney manages to capture the highs and lows that come with being a teenager in the modern world with her latest single Green being perfect for an arthouse coming of age movie directed by Greta Gerwig. She has honest lyrics throughout about high school cliques, as she explains, “It’s a compilation of a lot of my high school thoughts and a comment on the values that a lot of those cliques have. But it’s more about the concept of ‘Green’ in the sense that of youth and naivety and I think that the song really reflects that.” Combine all that with her tender vocal delivery and you’ve got a stellar track and a future star.

Amber Ryann – At My Best

It’s rare when you can listen to an artist for a first time and just hear the confidence exuding out of their sound but LA based hip hop producer Amber Ryann makes it seem as easy as breathing. In her latest release At My Best she manages to take some of the signature flair that came from early 90’s R&B but contains a pop punk edge that came from the early 2000’s, similar to GARZI in a way, whilst managing to make the sound completely her own. Fierce beats lead the production with her catchy lyrical melodies and her poised vocal adding to this fiery atmosphere further. Genuinely a fantastic listen, definitely dive into her whole discography.

Emma Gatsby – Insane

I actually got to briefly work with Emma Gatsby and her team back in 2016 when she initially released her debut Two Steps, since then I’ve kept a close eye on her music and was ecstatic to see her return with a new release earlier this year. Insane has been one of my favourite releases of hers to date with the brooding nature of the production featuring underrated string flairs and deep beats that come together a melancholy clash of beauty. Subtle Jazz influences are delicately placed throughout the track but Gatsby’s vocal are the true star of the show with her Lana Del Rey esque tones shine throughout the piece. Her debut EP is coming out later this year and we cannot wait for it.

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