Jinka – Dagger

German singer Jinka is an artist who’s really been helping path the way for new innovative pieces pop music with her experimental brand of futuristic brat pop combined with a video game aesthetic setting her apart from other artists in the scene right now. Today she’s unveiled her latest single Dagger, co-written by the LA based pop at Magdalena Bay, which continues to show off her honest lyrics and electrifying sound that will leave you begging for more.

This highlight of this track for me are the lyrics, they’re effortlessly candid whilst also containing this raw passion through their delivery and intriguing descriptions that make the piece come to life with, “Wish I was made of steel but I’m bleeding out like a wounded deer,” being just one example of this. With the storying focusing on someone being backstabbed the naivety felt through the lyrics contrasting the explosive vocal performance on display create a juxtaposition that gives you somber undertones as well as a ferocity of emotional turmoil which is on fully display during the final moments of the track. It’s electrifyingly raw and is the future of pop and her album No Anything Else is just that.

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