Lazarus Lynch – I’m Gay

It’s pride month and the artist Lazarus Lynch has unveiled his first track in two years and it is a black pride anthem for the ages that is utterly divine, anthemic, invigorating and empowering all at once. Their previous release In My World invited you into his world to experience his sound for the first time feature some gospel influences mixed with a slightly jazzy edge that had us hooked from the get go and his latest singe I’m Gay builds on his sound further whilst also carrying an uplifting message.

The whole track goes through the whole gay experience through a black lens with a well crafted storytelling that is a treat to behold. The somber opening discussing the fears and insecurities that come with realising your sexuality before it slowly builds and becomes a celebration of accepting who you are in an explosion of unapologetic colour with the lyric, “I’m so free just being myself,” being the core of this. It’s just gorgeous and we cannot recommend listening to this future black pride anthem enough.

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