BAXTR – Bloom

Time for an explosion of euphoric energy courtesy of London’s very own all new, all female DIY band BAXTR who’s sound is like combining the lush harmonies and rhythm of Haim with the shamelessly danceable and feel good nature of A-HA. If that description alone doesn’t make you listen to their empowering, flamboyant and all around joyous debut single Bloom then I don’t know what will, all I’ll say is that it’s a real treat.

It’s for anyone who’s ever doubted themselves with the empowering lyrics encouraging us all to bloom, if we have something to say or do then we’re gonna damn well do it, no matter what anyone else around us says. Even now I can sit here an envision this in an 80’s coming of age movie during the climax where the young female intern finally unleashes herself onto the agency and begins to take on the world she’s desperately wanted to help. It takes the glorious over the top nature of the 80’s pop sound and fuses it with modern guitar melodies and hooks that will drive their way into your skull and be near impossible to get out. It’s just pure joy in it’s finest.

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