Aaron Taylor – Shooting Star ft. Benny Sings


Sometimes a track will just come along and as you listen to it you can feel all the worries of modern day life melt away as the melodies dance their way around your head as the lyrics transport you to a whole new world where nothing really matters and you’re left in a state of pure bliss. I felt that as I was listening to the neo-soul star Aaron Taylor’s latest psych-jazz slow jam of a track titled Shooting Star, featuring the cult Dutch artist Benny Sings.

It’s an intimate affair with a sparse production with Taylor’s vocoder effected vocals leading the piece with a serene vision that is unlike any artist out there right now. He doesn’t go over the top with the sound, melodies or production, the beauty of the piece is within the simplicity and the intimate nature of the music only adds to this all further. It’s simple but it’s also gorgeous because of that.

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