Baker Grace – Pops

19 year old Baker Grace has been consistently releasing nothing but pop anthems that I could easily see breaking into the top 40 of any chart across the globe. She’s an underrated pop star who always delivers and today, on the build up to Fathers Day, she’s dropped Pops where she celebrates her number one fan in the world and the special relationship that all fathers and daughters share. Yes this track is as sweet as it sounds.

“Nobody understands me like my Dad does,” Baker Grace explains. “Our countless late night conversations, car rides listening to music, and days spent singing while he plays the guitar have heavily shaped who I have become. I wrote ‘Pops’ to show him how much he truly means to me. I hope anyone who loves or connects with their father or any role model in their life can relate and use this song to express their appreciation. We can’t ever forget the people who believed in us from the beginning.” 

It’s a heartfelt ode to her dad that both reflects on her past memories with him as well as the things he’s taught her over the years and I often find myself finding little things within the track my dad has taught me over the years and the memories just come flooding back. This is one for all the supportive dads in the world, thanks for everything!

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