Sval – (I Can’t Be Your) Medicine

The Norwegian artist Sval has slowly been building up momentum over this past year or so with her Young Alien EP in 2019 being critically acclaimed and her follow up single the swaying electro pop jam Jealously only building on her success further. Now having developed an extremely loyal fanbase in her home country she’s now looking to become a global pop super power with (I Can’t Be Your) Medicine being her first step in doing this with it being a stellar pop anthem that Ariana Grande would be jealous of whilst also carrying an important message.

“It’s about caring for someone so much and wanting to do everything for them and then realising that you can’t really save anyone alone, but you can do your very best to try,” Sval explains. “I think we all have our demons and our struggles, and this song is about trying to help someone, whilst also trying to make them want to help themselves.”

The subject matter is something I personally find myself relating too a lot, the lyricisms manage to hit me in a way not many pop tracks in the past have with her emotive vocal performance only enhancing the meaning behind them further. The buoyant synths carry a melancholy vibe to it whilst offering a hopeful alternative about what the future may hole with the crisp pop vocals of Sval eloquently expressing this message. This isn’t your usual pop track, it’s a breakthrough moment for Sval.

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