Ruston Kelly – Rubber


Ruston Kelly is the master of crafting evocative pieces of intimate folk music with poetically poignant lyrics that pack the emotional punch of the final blow in a prize winning fight. His music is the soundtrack to late night crying sessions with his delicate vocal sending chills down your spine whilst simultaneously making you feel less alone in the world and makes what you’re going through feel a bit easier to make it through.

His latest single Rubber is goosebump inducing the intimate setting making it feel like Kelly is pouring his heart out to you, letting you know his struggles and pains that he’s kept close to his heart. It’s a tearjerker for sure and the music video attached to it only amplifies this further with a contemporary dance number between two lovers making it feel like the story behind this track is unfolding before your very eyes.

On August 28th he’ll be dropping his new album Shape & Destroy which documents Kelly’s journey through and maintaining his own sobriety as he explains, “Making this record definitely taught me that I don’t want to be selfish: I want to channel something larger than myself and give myself to the process as fully as possible, because these songs also become the story of whoever hears them. Whatever someone might get out of listening to this record and hearing me express myself in this way, it’s completely theirs.”

Check the single out and then wait for that record because it looks like it’s going to be an emotional ride that will have you reach for the tissues.

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