Bronze Avery – Only You


There’s a warm inviting quality to Bronze Avery’s music that just makes you feel completely at home with his sound. It’s familiar whilst still being fresh, offering a loving and honest perspective into his own life whilst also making you feel better about your own through his uplifting lyricisms. If you need proof of all of this then you just need to listen to his latest self love anthem Only You, which was created whilst he was in quarantine.

I’m super proud that we were able to create this during COVID-19. It’s important that people know that Black individuals can take the driver’s seat with their artistry and get super creative with their available resources and no budget.”

It’s a summer love anthem for sure with scintillating synths sprinkled throughout the track with the sun kissed vocals of Avery dancing of the melodic beats that were made for long summer drives down the coast. The more you listen the more you find yourself falling for the sound, it grows and grows on you until you just want to play it wherever you go and when you throw in the aesthetically pleasing music video then you know this is going to be a musical addiction for all.

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