If you’re from the UK and haven’t heard of KDVSGOLIATH yet then you need to dive into his back catalogue right now because he’s someone who looks set to be the next big thing and take the world by storm. He’s a versatile artist who manages to go from hard-hitting trap tracks like Piston to emotionally evocative acoustic ballads like his most recent release Pink, a raw piece of music that sees him wear his heart on his sleeve.

It’s hard to fault anything about the track with the atmospheric guitar melody melting effortlessly into the somber synth beats whilst the honest lyrics get a passionate delivery that only heightens the emotional sensibilities of the track even further. He hasn’t released a track that has hit this hard before but he’s made it seem like an effortless shift, he’s just flipped the switch and produced something that people are going to find solace in, it’s something people will relate to and that’s what makes this guy one of the best around right now. He’s the future no doubt.

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